We deliver high quality accounting service to large firms, SMEs and Sole traders.

Our accounts department provides a comprehensive bookkeeping and financial accounting service. We handle your initial bookkeeping and work toward the preparation of financial statements.

Our experienced accountants and accounts clerks are equipped to provide you a reliable accounting service based on International Accounting Standards.

Our Accounting services fulfil your below business needs:
– For tax purposes it is mandatory to prepare annually audited financial statements for companies and Income statement and Balance sheet for non-incorporated businesses.

– VAT compliance as related to book keeping is also a requirement, generally a declaration covering a period of 3 months.

– Management accounts, which comprise a non-audited set of financial statements available to Management for internal use. Such accounts may be required by a bank where financing requirements are applied for.

– Payroll on a regular monthly basis entails preparation of employees’ payslips and documentation to be submitted to the Revenue in respect of payments of Income Tax and Social Security contributions deducted at source from employees’ wages & salaries. Annual declarations are also prepared for staff and for the Revenue. When new staff is engaged, registration with the Revenue and Employment entities is required.

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